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You can create a company login and use it yourself or open it up to a group of employees, managers, customers / stockists or depots. You decide who joins, what to share and who can share what! is an SaaS model portalthat automates business tasks such as
sales force monitoring, inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance.

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Personal and group calendar. Share public events within your group, view other member's calendar and sync it with your PDA or wireless phone.


Compose, send, receive, reply, forward email with your new "" email address. Includes folders, attachment, addressbooks, templates. Notes Create, save and stick notes to any object in your Organizer. Better than all those "Post-It" notes stuck to your monitor.


Full document management center with automatic backup. Share and jointly edit your personal or group's valuable information.


Save bookmarks which can be used from any browser, share them with other members.


Get your daily Calendar by wireless phone via SMS (Short Message Service, commonly known as Text Messaging) or send reminders by SMS, send SMS directly from your address book.


Create groups (or Virtual Offices) to share information with other members, such as addresses, documents, and bookmarks.

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